Diagnostics, therapeutics and theranostics for Precision Medicine in cancer.

Theme Leader: Professor Kris Thurecht

This theme addresses the challenge, identified by our industry partners, of bringing new diagnostic and therapeutic agents rapidly to market. Our research aims to improve capabilities to deliver targeted diagnostics, therapeutics and theranostics (combined therapeutic and diagnostic agents) that achieve the goal of ‘the right treatment for the right patient at the right time’, increasing treatment safety and efficacy. Projects are unified thematically by similar requirements for radiolabelling and therapeutic validation that drive innovation in labelling methodology and contribute to a shared body of expertise in CIBIT.

Harnessing the digital revolution to improve diagnostic imaging cost-effectively.

Theme Leader: Professor Markus Barth

Research in this theme aims to increase the sensitivity, specificity and cost-effectiveness of imaging both as a tool used to develop novel agents and as a diagnostic method.  Scanning algorithms will harness artificial intelligence and ‘big data’ approaches to increase cost effectiveness by enabling high quality imaging examinations to be performed by fewer and less highly trained technicians.  Innovative approaches to image interpretation will increase both accuracy and throughput.